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Rhythmic Education

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  Academics and After-School Enrichment Youth Programs  

Active music making is linked with better language & math ability

Music is a basic expression of human culture

Music making prepares youth for the future by encouraging

   imagination and learning responsibility

  Adult Education  

Adults will partake in a loving, educational, rhythmic, drumming event.  Pocket is the rule, rhythm is the game, and the program is Free to Be Me Drum Circle.  Each student will learn to create and partake in music tempo fundamentals, rhythmic engagement, creating patterns, read and write their own rhythm.  Each student will be given their own drums and percussion. No experience is necessary. Rhythmic, cultural education.


Community Education classes offer opportunities to discover new skills and have fun while learning. With no tests and grades, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore an interest and add a new skill or hobby to your life.


  Private Lessons  

Lessons are tailored to the individual based on the student's desire, the type of drum, and their skill level.  Consultation is required before scheduling any instruction.  Costs ranges from $60 to $150 per hour.

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